How To Start A Fall Workout Routine

How To Start A Fall Workout Routine

At Health First Family Medicine, your trusted Hillsboro health clinic, we know it’s back-to-school season and from kids to your work schedule you couldn’t be busier! However, now’s not the time for excuses because, let’s be real, you’re always busy. But you can still schedule time to move your body and get the exercise you need.

To keep healthy and fit this fall season, here are a few helpful tips designed to help you start a new body movement regimen.

Imagine your body like the engine of a car. If you leave a car parked for a long time it’s probably not going to start the next time you turn the key. Your joints and muscles ache with fatigue if you don’t regularly exercise them 3-4 times a week. Exercise sharpens the mind and helps strengthen vital organs such as the heart, liver and kidneys. Regular exercise also helps to improve your immune system and works great at relieving stress. Oh, and did we mention regular exercise also help you sleep better at night? As your primary care physician in Hillsboro, the staff at Health First Family Medicine wants to see all of our patients healthy and well rested, so make sure to regularly start your engine and get some exercise.

Decide when’s the best time to workout. It’s important to know when you should be exercising. Each individual has a different bodily clock, meaning they should workout at different times of the day. If you’re a morning person, wake up early and exercise. It will help start your day off right and speed up your metabolism for greater weight loss throughout the rest of your day. If your body doesn’t function well in the morning, then try exercising on your lunch break or after work. Avoid working out too late so your sleep schedule won’t be disturbed, but decide now how you’re going to incorporate exercise into your schedule.

Change your workout to fit the season. The seasons are changing and so should your workout routine! With a fresh spin on your regimen you can target different muscles and maximize your results. You’ll also avoid an exercise plateau or burnout. If you’ve been attending exercise classes, then add personal workouts. If you’ve been focusing on cardio all summer, then add weight training this winter.

Explore the outdoors. With the temperature cooling off, now is the time to incorporate the outdoors into your exercise routine. Look for nearby biking trails, walking trails or parks to incorporate into your workout routine. At a park, you can walk, jog, run or bike. You can also use park benches for body weight training like push-ups. On a walking trail you can add lunges or jumping jacks to your run. When you take your routine outdoors you avoid boredom and burnout since you get to see Mother Nature at her finest. You can also invite your family and turn your workout into a fun activity.

Bond with a workout buddy. Sometimes you can’t always schedule exercise with your family. But don’t be a recluse. Find a friend or neighbor to bring along during your next workout. Having a workout buddy is a fun way to get outside of your comfort zone, and it will push you to stay on track when you actually do workout! Schedule evening walks around the neighborhood or join a gym together. Finding a workout buddy will hold you accountable and keep you motivated.

Rest and recover. Remember that recovery days are a necessary part of any exercise routine,  especially when you’re just starting to workout regularly. When you rest, your muscles have time to repair and rebuild. You don’t need to spend that day in a Hillsboro health clinic receiving treatment for a pulled or injured muscle, so make sure not to overdo it and take the time necessary to recover between workouts. If you simply don’t want to take a day off from your routine, spend one day working on stretching exercises or do gentle yoga, instead.


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